Day 1 - Cast Reveal

We are currently flying within the heart of Africa, within the lush country of Malawi.


This landlocked nation is home to some of the world’s most ferocious and beautiful wildlife, as well as formidable landscapes from Lake Malawi to the regions of the Great Rift Valley.


Tribal warfare and oppression remain prominent in this area, which remains one of the least developed and deadliest countries on the planet. This makes it the perfect location for the first season of Tempest!

This season, eighteen castaways from around the world have been selected to compete in this adventure of a lifetime. They have been divided into three tribes.

The following people are on the Kambuku tribe, the Chichewa word for zebra.


Christopher S1Hannah S1Jake S1
Jaylen S1Liam S1Toby S1

Christopher Cox, a 24 year old retail manager from the United States.

Hannah Straarup, a 16 year old psychologist from Canada.

Jake Carl, a 22 year old bartender from New Zealand.

Jaylen Grigsby, a 17 year old student from the United States.

Liam Maple, a 16 year old customs officer from Canada.

Toby Marlow, a 16 year old Summoner of Yog-Sothoth from Australia.

The following people are on the Mkango tribe, the Chichewa word for lion.


Asa S1Austin S1Cornelius S1
DeShawn S1Jon S1Patrick S1

Asa Kusuri, a 22 year old video game designer from the United States.

Austin Williams, a 17 year old blocker from the United States.

Cornelius Pumpernickel IV, a 32 year old armadillo therapist from Latvia.

DeShawn McCoy, a 20 year old gangster from Zimbabwe.

Jon Michel, a 16 year old homewrecker from the United States.

Patrick Reaves, a 27 year old television producer from the United States.

The following people are on the Njovu tribe, the Chichewa word for elephant.


Andrew S1Aren S1Avory S1
Charlie S1Daniel S1Nick S1

Andrew Gonzales, a 15 year old student from the United States.

Aren “A.W.” Williams, a 13 year old traveler from the United Kingdom.

Avory Tieno, a 20 year old animator from the United States.

Charlie Trelli, a 19 year old restaurant manager from New Zealand.

Daniel Olson, a 15 year old student from the United States.

Nick Roberts, a 12 year old geography teacher from the United States.

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Tempest Malawi Intro