Day 2 - Immunity Challenge #1

Come on in, guys!

Christopher S1Hannah S1Jake S1
Jaylen S1Liam S1Toby S1

Asa S1Austin S1Cornelius S1
DeShawn S1Jon S1Patrick S1

Andrew S1Aren S1Avory S1
Charlie S1Daniel S1Nick S1

Welcome to your very first challenge. Let's get to it.

For today's challenge, you guys will be answering trivia questions about the country of Malawi.

At precisely 10:00 PM EST tomorrow, a new chat will be created. Over the course of the following hour, trivia questions about Malawi will be asked. The first person to answer each question will earn 2 points for their tribe, if they are correct.

However, if someone answers incorrectly, each of the other two tribes will earn 1 point.

The two tribes with the highest amount of points at the end of the challenge will win immunity.


The other tribe will head to Tribal Council where they will vote the first person out of this game, you do not want that to be you.

Feel free to study until the challenge begins - if anyone has an issue with the time, let us know as soon as possible and we'll do our best to accommodate!