Day 5 - Reward/Immunity Challenge #2

Come on in, guys!

Asa S1Austin S1Cornelius S1
DeShawn S1Jon S1Patrick S1

Andrew S1Aren S1Avory S1
Charlie S1Daniel S1Nick S1

Mkango and Njovu getting your first look at the new Kambuku tribe...

Christopher S1Hannah S1
Jake S1Liam S1Toby S1

Jaylen voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Njovu, Mkango, I'll take immunity from you guys. Once again, immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you guys will be designing a tribe flag.

You can do whatever you like with this - the only requirements are that the season's logo must be on it, your tribe color must be on it, and each member of your tribe has their name on it.

You will send in one flag as your final submission.

Your flags will then be judged based on creativity, visual appeal, and effort.

The two tribes with the highest scores will win immunity.


The other tribe will head to Tribal Council where they will vote the second person out of Tempest: Malawi.

In addition, you're playing for reward. The tribe that comes in first will win a clue to the whereabouts of the Hidden Immunity Idol.

Your submissions are due by tomorrow at 11:00 PM EST!


Kambuku - #E17676

Mkango - #E6E27A

Njovu - #93A9DB