Day 10 - Immunity Challenge #4

Come on in, guys!

Aren S1SAsa S1Austin S1
Avory S1SCharlie S1SNick S1SPatrick S1
Andrew S1Cornelius S1SDaniel S1
Hannah S1SJake S1SJon S1SToby S1S

I'll take the old immunities. Once again, immunity is back up for grabs.


For today's challenge, you guys will be playing Multitask.

You are attempting to get the highest score you can.

Once you are satisfied with the score you have, send a full screenshot with the date and time as well as your name in the URL bar to your confessional chat.

After 24 hours, the tribe with the higher total will win immunity, meaning these are due at 9:00 PM EST tomorrow.

The other tribe will head to Tribal Council where they will vote the fourth person out of this game. DeShawn will replace that person.

If that link does not work, feel free to use a different website (make sure it's the same game, though)!

If you fail to submit or let us know you're unable to submit, you will earn a strike! Three strikes and you're out of here!